Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UPDATE My Lorenz Manifold Crochet Project

Ok, here's an update on my Lorenz Manifold crochet project. A very interesting one indeed. I'm hoping after spending all this time on this pattern, that I can figure out how to create the manifold properly. I finished 23 rows of tr and double crochet and then had to tear out 2 rows because I somehow lost 4 stitches. So I'm back to row 21. It's definitely easier if you use markers at least at every 25 stitches. Right now, row 21 is to have 343 stitches around and measures 12. 1/4" at the diameter. You can see it's starting to ripple from the increases. And you can also see, I'm still not doing well with ending and starting a new color.

A very fun project that thrills me everytime I pick it up. Just to see it's ripples changing really is exciting to me. Any comments?


jocelyn said...

Hi Kathy, I left you a comment on my blog awhile ago! Sorry you did not see it. Here it is:

I would be honored to have the Duckie Bib featured for the month of April on your blog. I am so glad that you like the pattern. Thank you for asking!

Beeshebags said...

Hi hun, Just found your blog from somewhere! lol You mentioned you have problems joining on a new colour.....I've always found success if I join it immediately before finishing the last stitch of the previous colour...ie if you are doing a dc, then before you draw the yarn through the last 2 loops, join the new colour on and draw the new colour through the last 2 loops instead of the old colour. Does that make sense? Good luck and I hope it works for you. Hugs Naomi from Australia