Friday, April 8, 2016

Etsy, Low Carb Eating, Silver Sneakers and Pinterest

Posted this same post on my other blog..........Sorry but with the bad internet connection right now, I have to be quick.

Between my art work and my Etsy shop, I'm trying to learn how to eat healthier.  I'm not doing very good.

I HAVE added 3 days of exercise a week and each is 1 hour long.  I do yoga on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday I do some weight exercises.  I've been doing that for about 2 months and it feels good!  It's called Silver Sneakers and it's FREE!

I want to eat less carbs, less is easy but cutting out bread, pasta and crackers is really difficult for me.  I need some really good low carb ideas.  

Low carb easy to make ideas.........easy recipes.  I hate cooking and love to just grab and eat.  Who invented meals anyway.

I think I'll check Pinterest.  Help!  Anyone with any good ideas?  Anyone else want easy "meals"?

OK, guess it's time to go cook, ick!  


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pins Needles and Gems Etsy Store Now Open

I have reopened by Etsy store Pins Needles and Gems and I am really excited!  

I will be listing my handmade jewelry, my crochet and knit patterns, my pin cushions, my mixed media art, watercolor painting and more.

Here's my link again....  Pins Needles and Gems ..... and a sampling:

This is Colorado and a picture of the blue moon 

Bowl of cherries - colored pencil

Colored pencil
Not for sale

watercolor and alcohol

watercolor, alcohol