Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bunch of Crocheted Tawashis

Here's all my tawashis that I've been making with scrap yarns. Some are cotton and some acrylic. The larger ones are a different pattern that the smaller ones and I think I like it better.

Below is one of the larger ones closed up at the bottom and I crocheted a chain to close the top. I thought it could enclose a bar of soap and used in the shower to scrub your body.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tawashi or Not Tawashi

I found a pattern for crocheting a tawashi that I like. So cute, huh? They crochet up really fast, too. I used cotton, Lily's Sugar and Cream, for the light colored ones and Red Heart KIDS acrylic yarn for the bright one in front.

So fun and they really work well. The cotton ones are soft enough to use on your skin and the acrylic ones are great for dishes. You can use the cotton ones for dishes, too.

Ok, it's time for me tawashi the dishes! LOL

You can see, I'm still having trouble with the focus on my camera.