Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crochet Spiral Snowflakes

I've been away for awhile for a very good reason.......I had surgery yesterday but while reading some of my favorite friend's posts on Facebook, I came across this and it's wonderful and I have to share:

crocheted spiral snowflakes

Make sure you check them out!!  Leave a comment if you can.  She is so nice to share the pattern with us.

Thank you Christal!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Navy Acrylic Lace Scarf

This is a repost from 2009.........I fixed the link to the pattern so you can find it now.
Ok, here's the finished scarf. Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture of it that wasn't blurry so I will try to get my daughter to take a really good one for me and I'll post it. She's more professional at photography than I am. Her blog is www.jennileephotography.blogspot.com Check it out!

Anyway, I'm finally finished because I ran out of yarn! It only has around 4 ounces of fingering yarn in it and measures about 68". I was going for 72".
The pattern can be found here navy lace scarf.

I'm still working on the white one and that'll take me a bit longer than this one. The navy one really only had about one row of lace patterning that took any thinking where the white one has 8 rows on thinking! LOL

Tell me what you think and let me know if you've tried this lace pattern.

Red Heart Garter Stitch Baby Hat

Here's my next choice of knitting hat patterns from Red Heart.  I want to use up the blue from the other hat, pix coming.........

Garter Stitch Baby Hat

ADORABLE  right!?

Pins Needles and Gems Etsy Store

Please check out my Esty shop as I've reduced the prices on all my filet crochet patterns.

Remember Christmas is coming so you need to start now to get those decorations and gifts done on time.

Pins needles and Gems

Red Heart Faux Brioche Beret

I've made this hat pattern and found what I think is a mistake and have talked to them about it.  They agree but I don't know how long the correction will be made.  Correction is in red.

The pattern states:

Rounds 14-47: Repeat Rounds 12 and 13 seventeen (17) more times
Rounds 48-53: * K1, p1; repeat from * around.

How I think it should read is:

Rounds 14-53:  Repeat Rounds 12 and 13 twenty (20) more times

From there on use the pattern as written but continue to work into the rows below as long as the pattern allows, keeping in mind that the decreases will affect the numbers of stitches involved in the pattern.  You want to keep the raised rib as long as possible.

Hope this helps everyone.  I'm going to try a different on next.  I'll post some pix of this hat now and the next one later.

matching fingerless gloves

I'll take a pix after I"m all done.  Sorry for them being blurry........to much coffee, I guess.  I'll try to do better next time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red Heart Faux Brioche Beret

Red Heart Yarns or Coast and Clark, have so many free patterns for all levels of knitters and crocheters.  I've been playing around with different patterns but found this one the most fun so far.  Faux Brioche Beret calling for their Boutique yarn.  I say playing around because I don't have any Boutique yarn so tried it with the same size needles, size 9, but used 4 dpns because I didn't have the circular needle.

I started with size 8 dpns because I thought that's what I would use throughout but with increasing, I found they weren't long enough so I had some much longer size 9s that I had so switched to them when I had to increase.

I followed the pattern religiously as usual, but when it came to decreasing, I had a problem and it could have been my yarn choice but don't think so.  They have you decrease but you don't stay in the stitch pattern other than to k1 p1.  The whole beret was knitted one row knitting into the stitch of the row below and the purl row purling into the stitch of the row below.  When it came to decreasing, it didn't say to continue going into the stitch of the row below.  What happened was that it got too small to fast, I think and it created a definite line of pattern change and suddenly got flat and turned into a point!  I didn't like that at all.

I emailed Coats and Clark and have yet to hear but they are always so good about helping me with my questions I know I"ll hear sometime this week.

I ripped out all the decrease rows and reknitted them as stated but going into the row below wherever I possibly could.  It made a much better finish on the top, which is worn laying to the back.  Also, because I used the Super Saver yarn, I need to knit at least 4 more rows, I think.  That's my gauge anyway.

I think what drew me to it first was the coloration of the yarn.  Of course, mine isn't quite as pretty but I have some Super Saver variegated yarn I am going to try another one with at another time.  I have one started with Super Saver white right now.

I'll take a pix later.  I have, or am starting to list my items for sale on my facebook page.

The one I've really enjoyed is this one but there's many to try.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dead Fish Pattern

Dead Fish hat pattern
This is on the Knitty website

Another Dead Fish hat website

I was going through my older posts and found the dead fish hat pattern link wasn't there.  I wonder if it really ever was.  

At any rate, here are a couple links.  The first one is the pattern and the second one a fun website with lots of examples on it.

I'm sorry if anyone came looking for the pattern and couldn't find it.

Make sure you check your gauge.  Mine turned out a little large for a child and probably would fit a man.

Please accept my apology for not sharing the pattern

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red Heart Webby Top #2

Yup, Red Heart Webby top #2 coming.......we'll see how this one turns out.  Think I'll make it smaller than needed so when it grows, LOL, it'll be the right size.

Has anyone googled, sexy crochet patterns?  You must!  I found lots of tank tops, swim suits, which I'm not into, but could probably find a tank I could use for Zumba.

Come back often!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Heart Yarn Webby Top

Hope you're not too disappointed.  This just isn't my day, I guess.  Ever have days like that?

For one thing, I did my Zumba workout too late last night and then couldn't sleep.  That didn't help today's crafty plan.

I wore my new webby luscious crochet top to Zumba class last night and it started to grow!!  I mean really grow and was getting in my way when I danced so I decided to take it in just a little on each side and make it more form fitting.  You guessed it.........something like that will fall apart when you start cutting even though you think you've caught all the stitches really well.

So now, I'm on to another idea.  I think I"ll just make a spider web and tack it down to a white tshirt.  Not the same sexy idea but for a glow-in-the-dark dance party, it'll do wonderfully.

I have a very talented nephew that is a fashion designer so called upon his help to cut a tshirt to look like a spider web on the front.  Can't wait to see his design.  I know he can do it and will be up to the challenge.

Pix later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Heart Yarn and 2012 Special Olympics

Red Heart is sponsoring the 2012 Winter Special Olympics and you are more than welcome to make scarves using the Red Heart Soft yarns or the Red Heart Super Saver yarns.

Check out this website for more information if you think this is something you'd like to do:

2012 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Also, WalMart is also sponsoring the Special Olympics and are making sure there's plenty of the Red Heart Soft and Super Saver in stock.

Please, check the link to make sure you are getting the correct colors.  The color names and numbers are on the website.  Check out the complete details and download the patterns.

Happy knitting and crocheting for this very wonderful cause.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Killing that Yarn! Have a Heart, Red Heart that Is.

Killling your acrylic yarn isn't something bad or new.  You can Google it and find lots of information.

I decided to make something, see the pattern here .

(This pattern is available on the Red Heart yarn website and the designers are the Double Stitch Twins)  and thought I was using the correct yarn only to find out when I was all done, that I didn't use the corrrect yarn.  And if you've followed any of my blogs, you know how much I love Red Heart yarns.  I'm old school, I guess, because when I see or hear yarn in the materials list, I can only think of Super Saver or 4 ply worsted yarns we're all so familiar with.

Red Heart is not just Super Saver yarn anymore.  They have some amazing yarns that we really should give a try.  After all, they are at a very reasonable price for such great quality.

Anyway, the pattern really intrigued me.  I am a Zumba Fitness instructor and am always looking for unique fitness wear that I can make myself.  Since you can't wear sweater, vests or mittens to a fitness class, for obvious reasons, this pattern was right up my alley.

When I was all done,I couldn't figure out why it was this stiff sort of ugly "thing" and not at all like the picture.  Then I read the materials list closer.  I was supposed to use Red Heart Soft yarn.  There's quite a big difference between Red Heart Soft yarn and Red Heart Super Saver.  BUT, I remembered one time how I ruined a project when I tried to steam it and found out acrylic yarns don't take too well to steaming BUT I remembered how soft it became and it's great to know that it stays that way no matter how much you wash it.  Yeah!!

I love my memory sometimes!  Sometimes it's there for me when I need it.  I got out my ironing board and steam iron, a cotton dish cloth and a spray bottle of water.  Amazing!  It softened it nicely and now it's  wearable!  Pictures to come shortly.  So I didn't return all the Red Heart Super Saver yarn I bought to make a couple more of these luscious sexy tops to wear to Zumba Fitness classes and am now on my second project.

The one you'll find in the link above turned out a little large for me so I did design my own.  The original one was a large circular design and I made mine a rectangle because I didn't like a lot hanging under my arm to get in the way of the Latin arm movements.  You know what I mean?

Thanks for following my blog and I hope I've been helpful to many of you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cutting a Steek or Cabling Without a Cable Needle

Cutting a steek or cabling without a cable needle are just two of the amazing helps you can find on this wonderful blog.

You'll find the information along the right side in that column.  Check out her patterns, free ones, too, and make sure you take a peek at some of the blogs listed in her blog roll.

Knitting to Stay Sane

Let me know what you think.  I'm interested in know what you'd like to see.

This is part of her "About Me" bio.

My name is Glenna, and I live near Toronto, Ontario. Having learned to knit as a child, I would say that I became a true “Knitter” more than six years ago while studying for my PhD, as a form of stress relief and distraction. I finished the PhD and kept on knitting anyway. I have since added knitting design and teaching to my repertoire, have been producing knitting patterns for self-publication and for independent yarn dyers for several years, have a yarn stash with a life of its own, and I am never without a project no matter where I am. In fact, I once cut a steek while riding a bus, and lived to tell the tale. I believe in challenging myself and knitting without fear. My patterns have been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, Knitty, Magknits, and online through Ravelry and Patternfish. I have designed for Tanis Fiber Arts, Indigodragonfly Yarns, The Sweet Sheep, and others.........

Big Brother

Do you watch Big Brother and want to chat about it with me?  Maybe Design Star, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc.  Let me know.

Not sure if this is the place to talk about Big Brother and it's almost the end of the show but if anyone wants to chat about it, I would love love love it!  I have showtime2 and keeping up with it daily.  Plus reading the twitter page.

Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat

My Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat blog hasn't been ignored for too long.  Not as long as I though; only about a month.

I will be searching the Internet for some wonderful knitting and crocheting blogs and patterns for you.

Please check out my other blogs, CreativeAssist, Pins Needles and Gems, Fulltime RV Travel.

Keep watching!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Tom Hanks Pulls a Knitting Prank on Julia Roberts !

Tom Hanks pulls a knitting prank on Julia Roberts!!!

Really, you must check this out!  It's hilarious and so fun to watch!

I'll be back soon with more fun sites to check out.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Knitting a Headband for Your Little Girl or You

I have to update an earlier post.  Amy is a busy mom that designs the prettiest little headbands for babies.  Please check out her blog.  I featured her awhile back also.  She's one of my favorite creative Moms.  There you'll find link to the featured headband on her blog.  Check this headband pattern out...  Morning Walk Headband.

This is her blog   I'd Rather Be Knitting

Here's one for baby that Amy posted on her blog awhile back:  Headband for baby

Amy says:  "I just had my fourth kid. Being a stay-at-home mom is a challenge, but (most of the time) I love it. I’ve always hated to admit to it, because it’s sounds so cliche, but I married to my high school sweetheart. It’s true though, and I consider myself lucky to be married to my best friend."  AND she's teaching her little daughter, 5 at the time of the post, to knit.  What a wonderful way to spend a day with your daughter.  She's an active Mom, too.  

So please, check out her blog and her Ravelry account.   She's a busy Mom that loves to knit and proud to feature her here today.

Where Has The Time Gone?

Crochet handmade jewelry, blogs I love, travel, creating, becoming a Zumba Fitness instructor, so many things have happened since I posted last.

I received a wonderful thank you from Kellie (Eclectic Chica) this morning.  What a nice surprise.  Thank you Kellie.  She has renewed my desire to post again on all of my blogs!  If you haven't checked out Kellie's blog, do try to do so soon.  She's a wonderfully creative and talented Mom that really loves to share her talents with her children.  Her children are very talented, too.  Hmmmmm wonder where that came from, huh?  Makes me wish I had those days back when my children were that age again.  My baby is 37 years old!  I have a grandson graduating from high school in June!  Seems like I just graduated!

Anyway, here goes my newest blog post.  Let's see where the heck do I begin?

I think the last post was that I listed my pincushions in my Etsy shop.  Pins Needles and Gems.  Although I've not sold a single pincushion, I have sold some of my crochet beaded jewelry.  Please check out my shop.  Also listed there are some filet crochet patterns I have designed.

We traveled again this last winter leaving the Seattle area in December 2010 and spent two days in the Portland, OR area so I could attend a workshop and become a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor.  I taught dance aerobics in the 80s and it's taken all these years to find another organization I liked enough to become a part of.  I don't have a class right now, but I did teach ladies at an RV and Golf resort in southern California.  The hightlight of our winter trip.

Traveling has given me lots of time to create my crochet beaded jewelry as you can see in my Etsy shop.  I've started a few new blogs as well.  Check out my Creative Assist, Fulltime RV Travel,  Pins Needles and Gems, Arts and Crafts Patterns and a few others that are more family oriented.  It's going to take awhile, but I plan to update them all.

Summer is just around the corner so what is everyone going to do this summer?  Any creating?  I'd love to hear about your plans on what you are going to make be it knitted, crocheted, or any other craft.

That's it for now.  I better get moving on updating the other blogs.........Maybe I can create another blog for my Zumba friends.  Just what I need, huh?  Another blog!