Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Double Diamond Patterns ~ DrawString Bag ~ Illusion or Shadow Knit

It came to my attetion that I'm giving away the Double Diamond Illusion or Shadow knit patterns but if you're not familiar with this technique the pattern makes no sense.
Here's the knit drawstring bag using the double diamond chart and mostly Red Heart Yarn. If you're interrested in seeing or printing the pattern for knitting this design click on the link. If you email me, I can send it to you via email. It's one of my patterns free.

Double Diamond Knt Pattern Drawstring Bag

Double Diamond Knit Pattern Drawstring Bag

This tote is knitted using my own illusion knit pattern I call Double Diamonds. I used a combination of two acrylic yarns and crocheted the top ripple edge for the drawstring. Drawstring is adjustable and was crocheted. The tote measures approximately 18" X 13.5". The back and lining is a navy blue polar fleece fabric. Completely machine washable in cold water, dry low.

Price: $25.00 Shipping: USPS priority Click on photos to enlarge

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Vicki said...

May I mention your blog and your charity on my blog?

Sure you can mention my Whale Cat Toy pattern and Pet Refuge who I am helping by making cat toys on your blog. You have my permission to borrow a picture from my blog if you like. Vicki

Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat said...

Thank you Vicki. It's done! Hope this helps kitties and doggies all over the country.