Monday, December 28, 2009

Super Saver Yarn Pet Bed Project

Can you guess what this is besides my being latest Red Heart Super Saver project?! Scroll on.....

I bought this gray nesting "thing" at a garage sale and my kitties love it but it's been washed a few times and seems to be falling apart and getting a little ratty looking so I crocheted a cover for it! Frank loves it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tricity Hokes Creations Blog

Tricity Hokes Creations Blog

Tricity just joined our group and I thought I'd feature her blog so you can all get to know her a little better. She has free patterns for you so check out her blog.

Tricity says: "I am a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Grand Daughter, Aunt. I work full-time and have 4 kiddos ranging in age from 3 yrs old to 17 yrs old....I am quite busy and love to crocheting is my escape from my busy, busy world! I love to design new patterns and crocheting is my therapy. All of my items are one of a kind, no 2 are exactly the same, and they are all my original designs."

Free Premie Cacoon Pattern

Check out her free patterns and her Etsy store.

Anyone else have free patterns you'd like to share, please let me know.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Homespun Yarn Red Lace Shawl

Here's my red lace shawl I knitted with Lion Brand's homespun yarn. Think it's called Candy Apple. Took me awhile as I had to start over a few times. This pattern I needed to do in a quiet room while others have no problem with it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stars and Snowflakes

I decided to crochet up some stars and snowflakes for my Grannie Triangle banner. I hung them between the triangles.

Here's our Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

14 Days till Christmas!! PeePee TeePee

This is my version of the grannie triangle banner. I made mine for Christmas and I think maybe should have been less than 10 chains apart. What do you think? I also should have put one more grannie triangle as it needed to be a tad longer to hang better where I wanted to put it. Next time. I will probably write up the pattern if anyone is interested.

Here's my version of Royal Sisters tree. I did use their free pattern.

This pattern is super easy but I won't be posting it unless you're interested. Let me know. I will be charging a small fee. They're my version of the peepee teepee.

Peepee Teepee

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Royal Sisters Blogspot

I found the most wonderful blogspot ever! I'd like to share it with you because I keep going back there and that means it's super and I should share it.

The blog is called The Royal Sisters

They have the most wonderful crochet patterns for Christmas and the first thing I am going to make is the banner. There's patterns on the blog for trees, stars and a doilie garland.

Awesome, right!? In their Etsy store I want to buy one of these:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Plarn Bag Mat Project

I came across this Youtube and I think I need to share it because it's for such a worthy cause. I am now going to start saving all my plastic grocery bags. I know it's nothing new but the purpose is new to me. It's a great way to recycle and, as you know, there's too many thrown into the garbage everyday. So watch the video and enjoy. It'll make you feel good.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Make Your Own Knitting Loom

You've got to see this. If you're interested in loom knitting, you'll get a kick out of this wonderful idea. It's great for children to teach them the art of knitting. It's always fun to make your own tools and this one certainly is one way to recycle! Take a look.

First Youtube video ~ How to make your own round loom

Second Youtube video ~ Part two of How to make your own round loom

Third Youtube video ~ Knitting on your round loom YOU made

Have fun with this one! Winter is coming and it would be great fun for a home school project or Sunday school project for those little kiddies! Big kiddies, too!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Georgous FREE Red Heart Yarn Afghan Pattern

You MUST take a look at the Coats and Clark (Red Heart Super Saver Yarns) pattern
SEE HERE for the FREE Pattern
I can't tell you how much I love Super Saver yarns and the color combinations for this afghan are endless. I get so excited when I find projects like this and wish I had designed it myself. I love it, it's gorgous and you must take a look.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Filet Crochet Designs Coming Soon

This is one of my filet crochet patterns that will be available on The full set hasn't been published quite yet. I will let you know when the full set is published. There'll be 12 different designs featuring different countries in filet crocheted table toppers and tea towels. The tea towels can be used as table toppers, also, and will be designed with color.

In-Skein Blog ~ Knit Stitch Markers

Look at what I found!! Beautiful handmade knitting stitch markers for all your knitting projects. Christmas is coming, sooner than you think, and these would make a wonderful gift for all the knitters on your gift giving list!

I come across some great blogs once in awhile and this one I feel I must share with everyone. I've never seen handmade stitch markers made quite like this before. In-Skein, Echo's blog, is one to NOT miss and make sure you check out Echo's Esty store. Echo is a beautiful young lady just newly married, going to school in Oregon and so talented in what she does. Her prices are extremely reasonable and I don't see why everyone doesn't buy them up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Basketweave Crocheted Purse

This is my Basketweave crocheted purse that I am almost finished making. I still need to put the clip closure on it and line it but the crochet part is done. I found the pattern here. Knots & Loops blogspot. The patternis free. I did ask her permission to post this on my blog but never heard from her. (Donna suggested you visit her web site for another free pattern: tam Thank you so much Donna)

The yarn I used was Lion Brand Chenille in a denim color and their Jiffy in Denim spray. The major part of the purse is just double strand chenille and the strap, sides and closing flap is one strand of each since I ran out of the chenille. It's a rather stiff bag but should soften up a little with use.

It's a beautiful purse and I can't wait to have it completely done. Her photo is far better than mine. I just can't take a good picture.

Now, I'm going to work on more of the CD snowflakes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

LOOK LOOK LOOK Red Heart Yarn eBook FREE

I found this web site offering a free Red Heart Yarn eBook with lots of great patterns that you can download for FREE. You probably have to register but it's well worth it. This FREE book has 39 pages of patterns. Please check it out.

Red Heart Yarn FREE eBook

Friday, October 16, 2009

October16, 2009 Taking a Break

I have been under the weather, who knows if they really have the swine flu or just the flu, but I was sick or am sick so it'll be awhile till I get my ambition back to design, knit or crochet.

Also I was away for a few days before I got sick to visit grandkids and got to see the oldest grandson play football. Wish I could go tonight but this cold is keeping me home.

I will be posting again soon. I have another free pattern idea and have to work on it some more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beginner Lace Stitch Scarf

Here's a cute little easy lace for beginners. I know it looks a little messy but with lace, it needs some steaming and/or shaping. This is how it looks before all that.

I decided to use this stitch for this yarn. It makes an automatic scalloped edge which I think will do nicely for this scarf.

More photos later and I'll post the pattern then.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Knit Lace Pattern Design

You can see that when you're designing you just never know what you're going to get. I love the stitch I had chosen but it might not work too well with the yarn I have to use.

One problem I think is that the needles could be too big or the yarn to small. Also, this stitch might not be good for a shawl as it seems to snag very easily and you don't want that.

I worked for only about an hour or so and have decided to rip it out and either try other yarn or a different stitch.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Pretty Lace Swatch

Found this pretty lace pattern I think will make a wonderful shawl. What do you think? I'm not sure the name of the stitch pattern but it's a very easy one. I will post a pattern real soon so keep watching.

Here's how the other lace scarf/stole or whatever it turns out to be is looking now that I've knitted quite a few more rows.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Red Heart Sport Weight Yarn Lace Stole

Don't know why that came out blue so here's another shot of it.

Lots has happened in the last several weeks to me and my family. AND my blog. But we're back.

Here's the latest project I'm working on and hope to get done as soon as I can because I have so many ideas running through my head. This project is a lace stole and I'm using Red Heart Sport Weight yarn that I had in my stash. I'm using a number 6 needle which were my Mother's needles so this stole is kind of special. Silly, I know.

Since I had trouble with corrupt links on my blog, I am going to try to start designing my own patterns. Stay tuned for that because that takes lots of time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Plarn Bag or Purse Recycled and Crocheted

I found this wonderful site and thought you'd be interested if you're at all interested in recycling and crocheting. I give recycleCindy complete credit for writing this pattern and sharing it. Visit her web site at: Recyclecindy. Thank you Cindy

Recycled Plastic Bag Shell Purse

Recycled Plarn Shell Purse
As promised in my last post, here is my striped shell handbag purse that is crocheted from recycled plastic bags. I changed colors of plastic bags every round to create this unique looking shell stitch purse. I did 16 rounds and each round takes about 2 to 2-1/2 bags to complete each different colored row. Also this is my first experience using store purchased purse handles. I splurged and bought these as they were on clearance for $2.00. I think they really compliment the handbag and along with the lining, make this a really beautiful and fashionable upcycled handbag.

Recycled Shell Purse InsideHere is a closeup on the inside of the bag. Click to supersize

Free Striped Shell Handbag Crochet Pattern

Materials needed:
14-16 different colors of plastic bags made into plastic bag yarn “Plarn
Approx. 35-40 plastic grocery bags in different colors
1 Set of Purchased Bamboo Handles

“N” U.S. size metal crochet hook

Description: Striped Shell Handbag
Bag measures 13” wide and 9” long with purchased bamboo handles

Directions: (more…)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Toilet Paper Cover Crochet Pattern to Use Your Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Here's a really fun FREE pattern for using your favorite Red Heart super saver yarn. I think you MUST give it a try. Wouldn't it be a fun gift?

I found this on the blog and would like to give her full credit for the pattern. She calls it Pop Art. I call it Pretty Darn Cute!

And I think Pop Art fits best.

Pop Art Roll of toilet paper toilet paper cozy cover:

Roll of toilet paper cozy cover

Click on the photo to see my crocheted roll of TP cozy.

Pretty funny, hu?

To make your own TP cozy you'll need:


Gray worsted weight yarn

White Worsted weight yarn

size H crochet hook

yarn needle

How to crochet the roll of toilet paper cozy:

With the gray yarn:

Chain 4 and slip stitch to join

Chain 1

About 15 sc into circle and join

chain 1

single crochet around again, about every 3rd or 4th stitch do a second sc in the same loop. This will increase the size of the circle allowing it to stay flat. Adjust number of stitches as needed to lay flat.

Cut gray yarn and weave in the end.

With the white yarn:

SC around gray circle every few stitches doing two sc in one loop. Join each circle, then chain 1 and repeat until you have a circle the size of your roll of toilet paper. For me this was about 6 rows (circles)

For the side:

Chain 15

Chain 1 and sc into second to last stitch.

SC back into every chain stitch, chain 1, turn and sc back into every stitch. Adjust number of stitches as needed for your roll of toilet paper.

Repeat until you have a strip long enough to go around the entire roll of toilet paper plus a few inches to fall open. For me it was about 20 inches.

Stitch the top to the sides and then join the beginning of the side strip under the falling open end.

Weave in all the ends.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bunch of Crocheted Tawashis

Here's all my tawashis that I've been making with scrap yarns. Some are cotton and some acrylic. The larger ones are a different pattern that the smaller ones and I think I like it better.

Below is one of the larger ones closed up at the bottom and I crocheted a chain to close the top. I thought it could enclose a bar of soap and used in the shower to scrub your body.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tawashi or Not Tawashi

I found a pattern for crocheting a tawashi that I like. So cute, huh? They crochet up really fast, too. I used cotton, Lily's Sugar and Cream, for the light colored ones and Red Heart KIDS acrylic yarn for the bright one in front.

So fun and they really work well. The cotton ones are soft enough to use on your skin and the acrylic ones are great for dishes. You can use the cotton ones for dishes, too.

Ok, it's time for me tawashi the dishes! LOL

You can see, I'm still having trouble with the focus on my camera.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lily Sugar and Spice Pot Holders

I know this isn't my hat nor a floppy hat at all but I decided to switch to pot holders. They're kind of cute.

Here's my first ones. I really need to get to the store for more yarn. I don't have a stash like a lot of people and am getting dangerously low on yarn.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Red Heart Yarn Project ~ Floppy Hat ~ Crochet

In Progress........

Check it out!

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself wearing a hat and not wanting to get your face in the photo? Not an easy task but I think you get the idea of what the hat looks like so far.

Tonight I could get it finished. I need to use a little bit larger hook, I think, it's more of a child size hat.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I got lots of the strap done last night but got called away today to help at the foodbank so I didn't get the strap done. Have aways to go but could get it done tonight.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the Bag Goes ON.........

Ok, I thought I'd be done tonight but it didn't happen.......yet. I had to take time to play a game of horseshoes with my son. I even won!!

You can see the handle stitches going up the side of the bag.

I'm pretty sure it'll be done tomorrow but I do have a full day at the foodbank so we'll see. I'm trying......


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mesh Market Bag Cotton Thread Knitted

Here's my next project. Remember that blue mesh market bag? This is the same pattern only I'm using varigated cotton. What you see is the bottom of the bag and I've begun working up the sides. This is being knit on size 13 circular needle.

The yarn is on a cone but I think it's like Sugar and Cream or something like that. Whatever you can get at WalMart.

I'll post another photo later so you can see my progress. This bag is similar but not the same pattern. Click here

Red Afghan Homespun Acrylic Yarn

This is the yarn I exchanged for the concrete leaf. I'm really into bright colors these days it looks like. It's quite a tight knit so next time I use Homespun, I will try knitting on EON, every other needle. The yarn was Lion Bran Yarns Homespun in Candy Apple. It's just a bit thicker than regular worsted weight 4 ply yarn.

I have more of this color so have another afghan on my machine that will be a thread lace pattern.

The yarn doesn't make good tassels so I crocheted around two rows in SC. I prefer the tassels as they seem more finished to me but this yarn tens to separate and falls apart as soon as that little thread making the bumps is cut. I don't think the tassels would wash up very good.

The yarn is completely machine washable and dryable.


Monday, June 15, 2009

AFGHAN Blue Bernat Soft Boucle Knit Afghan

Here's an afghan I knitted on my machine for a friend. She gave me so much yarn in exchange for two concrete leaves I made awhile ago for my garden. Anyway, as a thank you, I made her one.

I used Bernat Soft Boucle in Blue Shades. Really pretty but the yarn wouldn't make very good tassels so I just crocheted a couple rows around the whole thing. Below is one of my concrete leaves. I used a rhubarb leaf as my mold.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rainbow Mesh Market Bag Red Heart Yarn

I love the way this market bag turned out. I ran out of the yellow so just finished off with the orange again. This was Red Heart worsted weight 4 ply yarn. They say to use cotton for these bags but I love the color choices in the Red Heart yarns. I just compensated for the extra stretch by not doing all the rows. Think I stopped about two short of what the pattern said.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red Heart Kids Acrylic Yarn Mosaic Stitch Shoulder Bag

Look at what multi colored Red Heard Kids Yarn can make! I love how it turned out! Snappy little thing, don't you think? I made it quite awhile ago and just finally finished it. I believe you use two strands of yarn so one must have been multi colored and the other the solid dark teal green color.

The stitch is called mosaic knit. I had some great deep colored fabric to line it with. I always line my bags and purses.