Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Knitted Afghan Pattern Coming Soon!

This is my newest knitted afghan design and the pattern will be available as soon as I complete the project.   The pattern is a simple slip stitch pattern that I found and decided to design something using this easy stitch.  I have been working on this for a about a week now and I plan to make the pattern available when I'm done.

I love the colors and I'm using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. More in a few days. I will also show you some other projects I'm working on, too. I want to sell those patterns, too. So much to do and so little time!

I have this pattern and a 4 leaf clover lucky penny charm available, too.

I don't know if you know, but we live on the road in our motorhome and this winter we went from CA to AZ and into TX. Right now we're in Brownsville, TX and spent the day at the gulf. We were on San Padre Island and had a glorious time. See, that keeps me away from my designing and my knitting/crocheting but I get it done little by little.

Crafts Crochet Family

Super talented young crocheter lady that you can tell is seriously in love with the art of crochet. Her choices of color and her impeccable neatness and evenness of stitches; even though she says she's disorganized. Check out her dish cloths. Oh, and check out her bento box lunches and her felt fortune cookies! Her children are adorable!

Just check out her beautiful blog! I love her creativity and it's amazing, she has an eye for photography, too, and she's such a great inspiration.

She's a wife, a mom, a crafter, a crocheter, and I love it; she's a professional volunteer! Gotta love her! These are her own words I repeat here for you:

"It's about crafts, family, gardening, life....really whatever the heck I want to talk about. I am wordy, messy, opinionated, disorganized, lacking in focus, manic, craft obsessed...and pretty much this all spills out on the pages of this blog. You've been warned!"

Yes you've been warned now go take a look at this talented lady's blog.

Eclectic Chica!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheap Knitting Patterns On the Net

There's a web site I happened to run across tonight on my way to bed! LOL
No really, it really does have tons of cheap downloadable knit patterns.

Read on:

Hundreds of Knitting ePatterns Available to Download Now! High quality & low prices!
Patterns Exclusive to CheapKnittingPatterns.com

The process is simple. Place the patterns you choose into the shopping cart and follow the checkout process. When your purchase is validated by your credit card company, you will be given access to your order, allowing you to dowload, view, save, and print the patterns you have purchased. You may visit your account at any time with continued access to all patterns you purchase. There's no waiting for patterns to arrive in the mail or that trip to the store. You'll be knitting in minutes!

Can it get any better than that!?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crochet for Charity Links

I can spend way too much time surfing the Net but sometimes it's so fun and sometimes so comforting to find so many people using their talents for charity.

Here's one as a link from another. I'll give you that one, too.

Charity crochet

The original web site or blog is HERE. A very talented lady. Check out her Express DC
video. Maybe I can feature it here:

Yea!! it worked. Guess I did it correctly. Let her know if you love her blog. I think there's a place to vote in the right hand column.

Great Desktops For You

I've been using the Bettycrocker desktops for awhile now. Every month a new one with some luscious photos of food and the calendar for the month! Give it a try. I've been looking at the heart shaped chocolate brownie for a month now and resisted making and/or eating any. Sometimes it's easy when you're too lazy to do any baking. BUT, if someone offered me one, I'd eat it and the hate myself later! LOL While you're there, you should sign up for their recipes. If you can't trust Betty, who can you trust!?

Also, here's one for the crocheter or knitter. Isn't it just the coolest?

yarn desktop

Great new desktop every month also with a calendar. Try it.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Found somemore wonderful web sites to share with you. They all have free patterns and are great blogs for inspiration. These are very creative mommies.......

The first one is from A Simple Crocheter, she's a creative Jewish Mom! Take some time and have fun,

There's so many many wonderful categories, that's what she calls them, along the right hand column. Here's just a few:

Gift Wrapping
Great Gifts to Make
Holiday: Purim!
Holiday: Rosh HaShana/New Years
Holiday: Succah Decor
  • Israeli Cuisine
  • Parental Musings
  • Party Decorations
  • Quick Decorating Projects

She was featured on Making the World Cuter web site which you MUST check out, too. It's more of a sewing site not crochet but many of us can sew and love to off and on. So check it out. I love it!

A very talented Mom. You'll be spending a lot of time at these two sites!

Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs

I came across a set of crochet patterns on this rather unique web site and I just have to share it with you. Mary Ellen, owner of the web site, had this to say when I asked her if I could feature her web site on my blog:

"That would be great. Please also ask for anybody with any of her patterns (espcially the missing ones in my collection), or with any information about who she was/any family/etc to get in touch with me. Thank you."

There's more information on her home page so please take a look and maybe you can help her out. There's so many wonderful crochet patterns here that look to be to be a great challenge.

I took this little excerpt from her site:

A lady by the name of Alice Fowler designed many crochet (and a few knit) layette patterns printed and sold 40-60 years ago. Her designs captured the hearts and minds of grandmothers to children. Today, yarn shops in her home town of Colorado Springs, CO, do not know of her. The address where she once lived is now a business location without ties to her.

I am working on some patterns to post for you. As soon as I get them checked over by an editor, I will be posting them for you.

Also, I've horrible problems with the broadband card we use. I am going out tomorrow to look for a better way to get and stay connected.

More next time..........

Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Green Anyone?

I've been having fun lately searching and surfing, inbetween, knitting and cleaning, and found some interesting sites I thought everyone would be interested in.

We've all heard the term "going green" so here's a really good site for learning more about it.

Going Green

Here's a few of the headlines today:

Toyota Recall models: Is your Prius or Lexus affected?
Four surprising reasons to steer clear of soda
5 easy green valentines gift ideas

You can join for free and sign up for their newsletter. Cool site!

Another I've found today was Tip Hero

One headline today is,

5 Free Online Weight Loss Tools

Make our Own Greeting Cards

Anyone Have a Good Dish Soap Recipe?

You can also sign up for their newsletter. Such a fun fun site and you could spend hours there reading all their tips. They have over 2000 tips to date.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slip Stitch Knitted Afghan Pattern Coming Soon!

Slip Stitch Knitted Afghan Pattern Coming Soon

Soon I'll be posting some patterns that will be available for you to purchase. One of the first ones will be a slip stitch knitted afghan using Lion Brand's Homespun yarn. Stay tuned.

Kntting Machine Afghans for Sale on Etsy

Here's a few afghans that I made using my knitting machine. I have them for sale on Etsy.

This one is three panels of lace.

This one has a cable pattern just down the middle panel.

This one just plain knit; all three panels.

Same lace pattern but only down the middle panel

Soft yarn all three panels are knit.

Same here.......grey speckled but all three panels are knit.

A KnitKing machine is used for each of these panels. Two stitches are dropped along the edges and woven back up to connect the three together. I crochet the long edges, add the fringe and steam them.