Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE Knit and Crochet Patterns Brought to You By an Internet Search

I love this Internet! I have a few blogs to tell you about and the first one is this one called Smooth Fox Lover at This link is for the heart illusion crochet heart square.
Photo by Smooth Fox Lover
Illusion Crochet Heart Square

It's a wonderful blog you'll really enjoy checking out all her crochet patterns in her archives. And don't forget to vote for her and/or leave a comment.

She has designed other crochet illusion or shadow knit patterns! Some are free and some are for sale. Check out her patterns for sale on and make sure you visit her Etsy Store. I am so pleased as I was wondering just the other day if there was such a thing as illusion or shadow crochet.

If anyone has any great tips for camping, RVing or traveling let me know. Or maybe you have a quick and easy campfire recipe. See my other blog RV Travel blog.

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SmoothFox said...

Thanks Kathy for placing my blog site within your blog. I appreciate your kind words and absolutely love your site.

I'll be addng your blog at the bottom of my site as one of my favorite sites.


Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog and letting me put your pattern on mine. Also, thank a million for adding le to your blog favorites.