Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Knitting Blog on the Block ~ Knit Crochet Patten Chat

Welcome to my blog! I feel it's more like "welcome home!" You have found a place you can come and share your ideas and tips with other creative people. If you like to knit, crochet, are looking for free patterns or just want to chat. Please, take time to ready my profile and check out my favorite blogs and web sites. And please, don't hesitate to make a comment or email me with more ideas on what you would like to see here. This is OUR blog!

It is my intention to show you that knitting with inexpensive acrylic yarns can be just as beautiful as knitting with the expensive natural fibers and mixed fiber yarns. We can create beautiful items we can be proud of. Stay tuned for my ideas on doing just that.

For years I knitted with Red Heart yarn (Please visit for a full range of Red Heart Yarn) and loved everything I created. The durability and vast assortment of colors and types of yarns is wonderful and with todays economy they allow us to continue our beloved hobbies of knit and crochet. It's ok if anyone wants to discuss other forms of creating. I know there's weaving and loom knitting along with some of the old and new gadgets there are to use like hairpin lace and those daisy makers. Let's all get together and keep our love of creating going dispite the economy.

Tell all your friends about this new blog you've found and invite them to join us.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you come back often.


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