Thursday, September 30, 2010

  Pincushions in my Etsy Store!  It's open!

I finally listed my pincushions in and Etsy store.  Please check it out

Fanciful Designs

I hope to be listing more and hopefully you'll tell all your friends or will think about purchasing one for a friend or family member that loves to sew.

I still don't know how to get rid of that photobucket white box that follows along when you scroll.  Someone in the Google help forum said they could get rid of it but it's still there.

I hope to get rid of it's so annoying!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pretty Pin Cushions made by Julie!  Knitted Patterns Available! One FREE Knitted Pattern, too!

I found this site and fell in love with it because I am madly in love with pincushions myself and really would love to be able to design them like Julie does.  Guess all I have to do is sit down and try but when I don't see it in my head, it doesn't come out of my fingers.

This lady has some great patterns and I think you should check them out.  She has one free pattern on her site.

Sorry the following link no longer works.  I can't find Julie's blog.
Julies Knitting Corner

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just for the fun of it:

What's with the little white photobucket box that keeps following me around the blog?  I better work on getting rid of that.  Some how.