Saturday, March 23, 2013

AFter a little more work..........Still have far to go.  You can see where I got carried away with the decoupage medium but then I didn't know I was going to try painting them.  So I'll work on them more tomorrow.

Another Creative Endeavor Attempt

Hi,Here's what I'm working on now for the fun of it.  Living in an RV full time is quite a challenge when it comes to hobbies.  There's never enough room.  So I cannot buy and stash away anymore, not even paint.  So while working on my paper rolled beads and seeing all the beautiful colors, I thought that maybe tearing up the paper and using pieces could be a way to create some art.I decided to start with something I thought I knew and would be easy to shade.  Apples!  Red ones!Here's the beginning.  I drew out the apples and got the background startedon a piece of watercolor paper and drew the apples.  Then went through magazines for the colors I wanted.  I wasn't quite happy with it so decided to work on the apples with my watercolor pencils.  Maybe that would make me like it more.

After a little bit of work, I decided it's worth keeping going.  We'll see what more damage I can do tomorrow.  I'll post another picture of my accomplishment.  Or lack there of!  LOLCheck out my Ebay listings:  Crochet Jewelry  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nothing Crochet About THis

Here's my latest adventure..........Magazine and ad flyer rolled paper beads!  I love recycling and this helps but there's no way I could ever use the amount of advertising flyers that we receive.  Or magazines!  But I'm giving it a good try. 

 Who would have thought you could make such beautiful beads.  I have been using clear fingernail polish to seal them with but I have to find something not so toxic!  Smells really strong and when you have so many beads to seal, it gets a bit overwhelming.

You see the rolled paper in the bottom left corner.  Those are not beads but will use them some how.  THey're fun to make, too.

Here's another one of my favorite things to do:  albums and/or journals.  This one is one of my favorites:

Love this album.  The cover looks like leather.  Love the way it turned out. 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh my!!  You do not want to miss this website!!  Hundreds of free patterns.  Hey, please don't leave me for the other website!  I'll miss you but I do love to share and maybe you can find what you're looking for there.  

Please come back!  LOL  Here's the link     Free Crochet Patterns - By Indie Crochet Designers 

Check it out and please come back!  LOL

Creative Assist Blog

Don't forget my other blogs, especially the Creative Assist Blog I've created with lots of creative help, no tutorials but lots of other helps.  Click on the above link.

I'll be adding more and more so stay tuned and keep coming back.

Thank you,

Crochet Pattern Bonanza !

Yup, Crochet Pattern Bonanza is a wonderful website where you can get some free crochet patterns so please, check them out!  Lots of baby patterns, doll and little girl patterns, fun things for kids to play with and enjoy.  There's also tutes and patterns for your home. Look for the animals, jewelry and wearable.

Fun things there.  Crochet Pattern Bonanaz

What I've been doing lately is reading, playing games and practicing routines for my Zumba fitness class.  What I've done creatively is continue to work on my kumi braiding making jewelry and just long braids.

I have two albums started; the ones you do from scratch and you can find hundreds of patterns on youtube on how to create these albums from chipboard to envelopes.  Fun stuff.

No pics right now but will work on that and will be posting a new pattern soon.