Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mochimochi Patterns

  Adorable Knitting Site with Mochimochi Patterns

I found this great website for you.  You can buy her patterns and her website explains how and where you can find them.  Don't miss out!  Look at her blog, too.  She has "helps" to make her little tiny patterns.

Have you ever heard of mochimochi?  I'm not sure what it means but it sure is cute!
I spent quite a bit of time on her website just giggling and truly enjoying her creations.  She's quite talented.   You'll giggle when you see the pigs with wigs and a tiny little umbrella!  Make sure you see the toilet paper!

She has some free patterns:
Captain Capacitor
Toilet Paper Roll
Tiny Perching Pigeons

The yarns she uses the most are fingering yarns. 

Along the right are her free patterns ~ you must go check them out.  You'll find pigs with wigs and a tiny little umbrella!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crochet Turning Chain Alternatives

Crochet Turning Chain Alternatives

Mr. Miccawbar's Recipe for Happiness blog!!  

This is what Mr. Miccawber has to say.  This 
is just an excerpt..........please check out 
the blog for the rest of the information.  
You won't be sorry.  This is awesome 
and so is the blog!  Please, leave a 
comment for me if you wish to see 
more crochet helps........I'll be adding 
more knitting helps also.  So let me know; 
knit or crochet or both!  But please comment 
so I know if this blog is helpful.

"Crochet Turning Chain Alternatives

Ch 3 (counts as first dc), turn.

These are some of the most familiar words 

in the crocheter's language. They signal 
the end of one double crochet row and the 
start of another. That chain 3 works to get 
your yarn up to the proper height for the 
next stitch. It's also (in my opinion) a fiendish 
ploy designed to drive the stitcher crazy.

You know what I mean - you've been there 

yourself. You're zipping along, you and your 
hook, dancing through the yarn and 
crocheting like the dickens, when all of a 
sudden you reach the end of the row.
 Screech! The happy momentum comes 
to a crashing halt as you poke around in 
the turning chain, looking for the right place 
to put your last stitch"...............

New Crochet Project

We're just about to get on the road again after spending all winter at Rio Bend RV park as workampers........I've been teaching Zumba Fitness and my husband working in the maintenance department.  When we're on the road, we're heading home to Washington State, I love to knit or crochet.

My next project will be to make another of those chair arm bags only this time I want to use plastic grocery bags.  I think it'll have less sag and more stability.  It's been so nice to have it hanging there with my journal, puzzles, pens, pencils and phone right at hand.  It's big enough to add a little snack, too.

So here it is repeated:

Ok, so here's the pattern as promised.  If you crochet, you know how to make adjustments for your chair arm.  Make sure you measure. 

Chair Pocket

Cotton yarn
G hook
Gauge isn't that important

Chain 40

Round 1, SC in 2ndh chain from hook and each chain to end, SC 3 in end chain and do not turn but continue crocheting around the other side of the 40 chains adding 2 in the end stitch.

Rounds 2 and 3, repeat round 1 so you have 3 rounds with increases on each end.

Round 4, SC in each stitch around with NO increases for about 3 rows, or desired number of rows to make a more solid bottom.

Round 6, if you want, change to a DC around each row for about 17 or desired size of pouch.  

Because you crocheted around, the stitches/rows tend to twist so begin next row by slip stitch to the corner so the flap goes straight up the side.  About 4 sts.

Now crochet in rows going back and forth to the desired length so that it fits around the arm of your chair.  I am using mine on a passenger seat in the motor home so they are quite thick and big.  I did 35 rows and then:

If you want a contrasting color, I had to because I ran out of the orange, attach it at the top in corner going down the side of the flap till you get to the pouch, sc across the top of the pouch and back up the other side of the flap.  End off.

Try the pouch on the arm and determine where the buttons should go.  I used 3 but 4 might be better depending on the width of your pouch.  Sew on buttons and use the spaces between the DC as button holes.  Waalaa!  Chair pouch!

I would love to see your finished project if you could send me a picture I'll post it.  Thank you and comment, too, so I know if you like to see more free patterns.

Don't miss the filet crochet patterns I have for sale, too.

Thanks for visiting and happy crocheting!


Jogless When Crocheting Stripes

 example of crocheted stripes without the jogless method

Have you ever ever had this problem?  Of course you have unless you've seen this awesome website with a tutorial on how to avoid this jog when crocheting in the round.  Find it here:

Needle Noodles website

Excerpt taken from her website:

"Tutorial: Crocheted Jogless Stripes

A common problem in amigurumi: you want to crochet something striped, but there's this funky looking stairstep "seam" running diagonally where you change colors. How do you get rid of that!?

EDIT: I've also put together a pair of videos showing this technique in action. You can view them here:

So go ahead and take a look and come back for more helpful hints and websites that can help make your needlework look more professional and beautiful.  We can all learn something new.

Happy creating!!