Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red Afghan Homespun Acrylic Yarn

This is the yarn I exchanged for the concrete leaf. I'm really into bright colors these days it looks like. It's quite a tight knit so next time I use Homespun, I will try knitting on EON, every other needle. The yarn was Lion Bran Yarns Homespun in Candy Apple. It's just a bit thicker than regular worsted weight 4 ply yarn.

I have more of this color so have another afghan on my machine that will be a thread lace pattern.

The yarn doesn't make good tassels so I crocheted around two rows in SC. I prefer the tassels as they seem more finished to me but this yarn tens to separate and falls apart as soon as that little thread making the bumps is cut. I don't think the tassels would wash up very good.

The yarn is completely machine washable and dryable.


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