Friday, October 16, 2009

October16, 2009 Taking a Break

I have been under the weather, who knows if they really have the swine flu or just the flu, but I was sick or am sick so it'll be awhile till I get my ambition back to design, knit or crochet.

Also I was away for a few days before I got sick to visit grandkids and got to see the oldest grandson play football. Wish I could go tonight but this cold is keeping me home.

I will be posting again soon. I have another free pattern idea and have to work on it some more.


Stitch 'n Frog said...

Take care of yourself girl. There is a nasty cold going around that doesn't know when it's time to let you get well. I've been fighting one since Sept 28th. It is still hanging on.

So don't take chances, push the fluids, make some home-made chicken soup, and get lots of rest.

The world will still be here when you are well.

Donna said...

I would love it if you left a link to the pattern, but could you use this one:

There is also a free rasta tam pattern on my blog here:

Thanks & feel better!


Anonymous said...

Please take care, and I do hope you recover soon. It's never any fun being sick. :)

Kathy Anderson said...

Hi, I am feeling much better. It seemed to only last about 4 days with a little lingering plugged head once in awhile. thank you everyone.

I did finally put the link for the crochet basketweave purse on my blog. Donna gave me permission. I don't know if it's ok to post a link without asking so waited.

Thank you to all.