Saturday, August 8, 2009

Toilet Paper Cover Crochet Pattern to Use Your Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Here's a really fun FREE pattern for using your favorite Red Heart super saver yarn. I think you MUST give it a try. Wouldn't it be a fun gift?

I found this on the blog and would like to give her full credit for the pattern. She calls it Pop Art. I call it Pretty Darn Cute!

And I think Pop Art fits best.

Pop Art Roll of toilet paper toilet paper cozy cover:

Roll of toilet paper cozy cover

Click on the photo to see my crocheted roll of TP cozy.

Pretty funny, hu?

To make your own TP cozy you'll need:


Gray worsted weight yarn

White Worsted weight yarn

size H crochet hook

yarn needle

How to crochet the roll of toilet paper cozy:

With the gray yarn:

Chain 4 and slip stitch to join

Chain 1

About 15 sc into circle and join

chain 1

single crochet around again, about every 3rd or 4th stitch do a second sc in the same loop. This will increase the size of the circle allowing it to stay flat. Adjust number of stitches as needed to lay flat.

Cut gray yarn and weave in the end.

With the white yarn:

SC around gray circle every few stitches doing two sc in one loop. Join each circle, then chain 1 and repeat until you have a circle the size of your roll of toilet paper. For me this was about 6 rows (circles)

For the side:

Chain 15

Chain 1 and sc into second to last stitch.

SC back into every chain stitch, chain 1, turn and sc back into every stitch. Adjust number of stitches as needed for your roll of toilet paper.

Repeat until you have a strip long enough to go around the entire roll of toilet paper plus a few inches to fall open. For me it was about 20 inches.

Stitch the top to the sides and then join the beginning of the side strip under the falling open end.

Weave in all the ends.

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