Monday, December 28, 2009

Super Saver Yarn Pet Bed Project

Can you guess what this is besides my being latest Red Heart Super Saver project?! Scroll on.....

I bought this gray nesting "thing" at a garage sale and my kitties love it but it's been washed a few times and seems to be falling apart and getting a little ratty looking so I crocheted a cover for it! Frank loves it!


Echo M said...

DO you have a pattern for the 2 color spiral? or a link to a pattern? I have been looking for a few days now and can not find any I like.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Nice way to save something, and so useful!
Peace, Judi

Kathy Anderson said...


Thank you...Here's the link. It's a Red Heart Yarn Christmas placemat pattern but I just kept on going.
Hope this works for you.

Thank you, too, Judy.

Kyoko said...

Oh, this is wonderful! Your cat look so super happy :D I love the fact that cats always "appreciate" handmade things. ;D
Have a wonderful weekend.

21cg said...

Cute project! I'll have to try this myself, I know my 2 kitties would love such a thing.

Kathy said...


So glad you found my blog and this idea. A few comments above tells you where I got the spiral pattern but I just kept on agoin' without increasing so it created the bowl. If you lined it wish maybe a fabric and a fiber fill inbetween, it would give it some stability. They don't seem to have any trouble getting in it even if it's laying flat.

thanks for visiting. Soon I hope to post a crochet heart! for Valentines Day.