Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red Heart Kids Acrylic Yarn Mosaic Stitch Shoulder Bag

Look at what multi colored Red Heard Kids Yarn can make! I love how it turned out! Snappy little thing, don't you think? I made it quite awhile ago and just finally finished it. I believe you use two strands of yarn so one must have been multi colored and the other the solid dark teal green color.

The stitch is called mosaic knit. I had some great deep colored fabric to line it with. I always line my bags and purses.


Angie said...

wow I like how that has turned out,
its a great little purse/bag
Might have to find some suitable uk wool to have a go at this,
Have a super weekend,

Kathy said...


Thank you so much for your nice comments. You can google the mosaic stitch or even mosaic stitch should bag and find patterns. It was fun to make.