Monday, June 15, 2009

AFGHAN Blue Bernat Soft Boucle Knit Afghan

Here's an afghan I knitted on my machine for a friend. She gave me so much yarn in exchange for two concrete leaves I made awhile ago for my garden. Anyway, as a thank you, I made her one.

I used Bernat Soft Boucle in Blue Shades. Really pretty but the yarn wouldn't make very good tassels so I just crocheted a couple rows around the whole thing. Below is one of my concrete leaves. I used a rhubarb leaf as my mold.


Angie said...

wow, thats a super afghan,
and love those leaves,
havent seen anything like that over here in the uk,

Kathy said...


I made several of the leaves. You mound up sand and lay the leaf face down. Then mix up your concrete and lay it on the leafe packing it down but not going over the edge. I put in a strip of reinforcement and then more concrete. Once it sets up, you have the job of removing the leaf remains and that takes lots of picking at it but it's worth it. some people paint or stain them. They lovely in your garden as a bird bath or feeder.

Thanks for your comments. Love it!