Saturday, October 17, 2009

LOOK LOOK LOOK Red Heart Yarn eBook FREE

I found this web site offering a free Red Heart Yarn eBook with lots of great patterns that you can download for FREE. You probably have to register but it's well worth it. This FREE book has 39 pages of patterns. Please check it out.

Red Heart Yarn FREE eBook


Lilacanglia said...

Thank You very much for sharing the link, I have joined and got the free ebook, definitely going to use some of the patterns,

Anonymous said...

You know, I found that web site, quite by accident, about a month ago, and just assumed I must be the last one to have missed it for so long. So I have downloaded the patterns already. I am glad you have found it as well.

I have a feeling that your "comments" section will work this time, as it did not pop up like this last time when my comment did not go through. Very good. :)

Kathy Anderson said...

Yea! Glad to share.