Monday, June 22, 2009

New Red Heart Yarn Project ~ Floppy Hat ~ Crochet

In Progress........

Check it out!

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself wearing a hat and not wanting to get your face in the photo? Not an easy task but I think you get the idea of what the hat looks like so far.

Tonight I could get it finished. I need to use a little bit larger hook, I think, it's more of a child size hat.


Angie said...

Its fun trying to take photo's of yourself, I did that earlier today for the new pic on my blog,
Hat is looking good,

Kathy said...

Just got home from a very busy day at the foodbank. I am going to go relax and crochet and get this hat done. will post later. I tried to become your follower and wound up following myself! LOL But figured it out and am now your follower, too.
I smashed a finger at the foodbank and you'd think it had been my head! lol