Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simply Knitting

Simply Knitting
 by: Jennifer Stevens

As I lifted a perfect loaf of bread out from the oven, I couldn’t help but be appalled by my potholders. On top of being worn through, I couldn’t even identify what food lined the crusty edges! At times like this, I’d usually remember to pick up a few during my weekly shopping trip….but fortunately, that habit has changed! Yearning to be more self-sufficient, I learned to knit my own potholders.

Grabbing some yarn from the hall, I sat down in front of my stone fireplace and got to work. Scared by the thought of “knitting,” I was shocked when I discovered the ease of it. A year ago, I had bravely purchased a knitting loom and a bundle of colored yarn from my local fabric store. Not having a friend who knits, I went online and found some great beginner tips (things only a true knitter could teach you). Potholders were my first project. Locating a free knitting pattern online that was easy to read and actually made sense, I went to work!

Within a few hours I had my first potholder! Ecstatic, I began to turn out potholders in no time. I became quicker at my new art, and started giving them out as gifts to everyone I knew. Christmas colored potholders are a favorite to give out with my famous oatmeal raisin cookies each December. That way, my loved ones are each getting something I put my time and love into. Not something I bought on a whim at the local super store.

Not only have I acquired a new skill, I have taught several of my friends how to knit as well! Using a free knitting pattern, it doesn’t take much money to make a homemade treasure. Getting back to the basics is something I have wanted for my family. As I sat in front of the fireplace with my yarn in hand, I was grateful for being brave enough to try something new!

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The author Jennifer Stevens shares her experience about different patterns of knitting. Potholders was her first project, She went online and found some great beginner tips from free knitting patterns. For more information on free crochet patterns, free crochet hat patterns, Christmas crafts visits

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