Thursday, June 17, 2010

  FREE Pattern ~ Knit Your

Own Hair Rollers 

or Curlers ! Use

Red Heart Yarn

Use Red Heart yarn or any worsted weight yarn for sure. 
Here's a cute pattern for you.  One you can use on your little girl that won't hurt her little head.  You can use them, too.  They work and I know they do because I tried them.

You may need to adjust the long I cord to your liking.  The more hair that's wrapped around the curler, the longer that I cord needs to be.

These are so neat because they take only scraps of yarn and NO stuffing.  You must try these in all coloros. 

It would be nice if you send me a photo of your finished curlers or rolers.

Check it out right here Curlers or Rollers FREE Pattern

AND Make sure you check out all my free patterns @

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