Monday, June 21, 2010

Ebay Auctions ~ I have 4 Ebay auctions going!

Check out my Ebay auctions if you'd like and if you're interested in some Lion Brand Homespun yarn.   My Auction Attic.

I just looked and my photo is an old one but that's me.  It's got to be over 10 years old so that shows you how much people change in that amount of time.

I will be posting the rest of my little Red Heart pattern for the mini purse keychains.  I only made three of them with the yarn I had available.  There's something good to say about that.  My husband liked it....using up my stash seems to be HIS goal.

Then I crocheted a basket with a row of cats around the base.  Standby for that one.  It's quite cute!  Tapestry crochet is a type of crochet many don't know about but it's kind of comparable to knitting with more than one color.

Check out THIS web site! Crochet by Numbers  This man is amazing!  You'll find lots of helps there as well.

Do a search on crochetbynumber and you'll find lots of helpful websites.  This one shows some interesting crochet done using numbers or or like physictype formulas.  It's very interesting, too.Crochet by Numbers Blog

 Even Lion Brand has some crochet by numbers help....actually, they link you right to Crochet by Number I've linked you to.

Chec it out!

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