Tuesday, June 15, 2010

 "Loony for Looms"  My first review of a wonderful product.

Here's my first review of a wonderful ebook I found.  I was so excited when I found it and I wanted to share it right away but I forgot about it and then got involved with the other posts.  So here goes.  I'll keep looking for free patterns for you, though.  Free knitting, free crochet, free sewing, free cute patterns!

Have you tried loom knitting yet?  I did awhile ago and was disappointed in how many patterns there were for me to try so I gave it up.  That reminds me, I have a sock pattern I designed that I should post for you.  This was a few years ago and since that time, there's more and  more patterns and even a Yahoo group or two where they share loom patterns.

 There's even great looms available now compared to when I loom knitted.  And more patterns!  Great ones!  Have you seen them?  Wow, some are very complicated and some really beautiful! The patterns and the looms.

Do you think maybe I spend too much time on the internet?  LOL  Well, maybe I do, but I was so happy to find this and I love sharing.

The "Loony for Looms" is an ebook and I think could be great for you if you into loom knitting.  The patterns are supposed to be easy and there's more than just hat patterns.  There's patterns for baby, toddler and small dog sweaters booties, warm slippers and even doll clothes.  Where else you gonna find such an array of patterns?  And they're easy!  I know loom knitting is very easy.  I've made a few socks and hats myself.

Do you have the KniftyKnitter looms yet?  They've come out with so many different shapes and sizes.  I want them all!  I was having trouble with my hands for awhile there and found the looms to be a great way to keep knitting but I could never find patterns I like.  This give me an idea......I better go find my looms.  But they are a great solution if you have problems with arthritis or whatever.

Check out this link if you're interested.   Here's a few of the patterns in the ebook.


"Loony for Looms"

The pattern for adult Slippers, completely lined and
knit in one piece.   This is the Christmas stocking.  I wouldn't mind a few of them and maybe this fall I'll have time to make them.

This book is a must for all loom knitters I think.  When I buy mine, I'll let you know how I like it.  In fact, I just might get one for my daughter for Christmas.  I know, it seems like Christmas is a long way off but it never hurts to start shopping.

These are the baby socks


This is a review of one of my affiliates.

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