Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Heart Faux Brioche Beret

I've made this hat pattern and found what I think is a mistake and have talked to them about it.  They agree but I don't know how long the correction will be made.  Correction is in red.

The pattern states:

Rounds 14-47: Repeat Rounds 12 and 13 seventeen (17) more times
Rounds 48-53: * K1, p1; repeat from * around.

How I think it should read is:

Rounds 14-53:  Repeat Rounds 12 and 13 twenty (20) more times

From there on use the pattern as written but continue to work into the rows below as long as the pattern allows, keeping in mind that the decreases will affect the numbers of stitches involved in the pattern.  You want to keep the raised rib as long as possible.

Hope this helps everyone.  I'm going to try a different on next.  I'll post some pix of this hat now and the next one later.

matching fingerless gloves

I'll take a pix after I"m all done.  Sorry for them being much coffee, I guess.  I'll try to do better next time.

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