Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Green Anyone?

I've been having fun lately searching and surfing, inbetween, knitting and cleaning, and found some interesting sites I thought everyone would be interested in.

We've all heard the term "going green" so here's a really good site for learning more about it.

Going Green

Here's a few of the headlines today:

Toyota Recall models: Is your Prius or Lexus affected?
Four surprising reasons to steer clear of soda
5 easy green valentines gift ideas

You can join for free and sign up for their newsletter. Cool site!

Another I've found today was Tip Hero

One headline today is,

5 Free Online Weight Loss Tools

Make our Own Greeting Cards

Anyone Have a Good Dish Soap Recipe?

You can also sign up for their newsletter. Such a fun fun site and you could spend hours there reading all their tips. They have over 2000 tips to date.

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