Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs

I came across a set of crochet patterns on this rather unique web site and I just have to share it with you. Mary Ellen, owner of the web site, had this to say when I asked her if I could feature her web site on my blog:

"That would be great. Please also ask for anybody with any of her patterns (espcially the missing ones in my collection), or with any information about who she was/any family/etc to get in touch with me. Thank you."

There's more information on her home page so please take a look and maybe you can help her out. There's so many wonderful crochet patterns here that look to be to be a great challenge.

I took this little excerpt from her site:

A lady by the name of Alice Fowler designed many crochet (and a few knit) layette patterns printed and sold 40-60 years ago. Her designs captured the hearts and minds of grandmothers to children. Today, yarn shops in her home town of Colorado Springs, CO, do not know of her. The address where she once lived is now a business location without ties to her.

I am working on some patterns to post for you. As soon as I get them checked over by an editor, I will be posting them for you.

Also, I've horrible problems with the broadband card we use. I am going out tomorrow to look for a better way to get and stay connected.

More next time..........

Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs


Anonymous said...

absolutely the most exciting patterns i have come across and i will definately be making some of them....and can't wait to start. Thank you for all the work in putting this together for others...what a find. Hazel

Kathy Anderson said...

Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy them all and thank you for commenting. Makes me want to quit ignoring my blog.

Come back and watch for more patterns.

Thank YOU! Kathy

Anonymous said...

I made pattern #1178 for my daughter in 1970. It was a fun design and very pretty when completed. I did not have a problem with the pattern.

Kathy Anderson said...

THank you. I need to review those patterns myself. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Come back often. I'm really working hard at keeping it up now.

Happy hooking!