Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crafts Crochet Family

Super talented young crocheter lady that you can tell is seriously in love with the art of crochet. Her choices of color and her impeccable neatness and evenness of stitches; even though she says she's disorganized. Check out her dish cloths. Oh, and check out her bento box lunches and her felt fortune cookies! Her children are adorable!

Just check out her beautiful blog! I love her creativity and it's amazing, she has an eye for photography, too, and she's such a great inspiration.

She's a wife, a mom, a crafter, a crocheter, and I love it; she's a professional volunteer! Gotta love her! These are her own words I repeat here for you:

"It's about crafts, family, gardening, life....really whatever the heck I want to talk about. I am wordy, messy, opinionated, disorganized, lacking in focus, manic, craft obsessed...and pretty much this all spills out on the pages of this blog. You've been warned!"

Yes you've been warned now go take a look at this talented lady's blog.

Eclectic Chica!

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Kellie said...

Hello there Kathy! Wow! Thank you for the very sweet write-up about my blog & family. I realize I am very late in thanking you as I just discovered it. :-) Your very kind comments made my day, nope, possibly my year. Thank you, thank you. I am now going to take a look around your fun blog. Have a great day!