Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crochet Pattern Bonanza !

Yup, Crochet Pattern Bonanza is a wonderful website where you can get some free crochet patterns so please, check them out!  Lots of baby patterns, doll and little girl patterns, fun things for kids to play with and enjoy.  There's also tutes and patterns for your home. Look for the animals, jewelry and wearable.

Fun things there.  Crochet Pattern Bonanaz

What I've been doing lately is reading, playing games and practicing routines for my Zumba fitness class.  What I've done creatively is continue to work on my kumi braiding making jewelry and just long braids.

I have two albums started; the ones you do from scratch and you can find hundreds of patterns on youtube on how to create these albums from chipboard to envelopes.  Fun stuff.

No pics right now but will work on that and will be posting a new pattern soon.

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