Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Creative Endeavor Attempt

Hi,Here's what I'm working on now for the fun of it.  Living in an RV full time is quite a challenge when it comes to hobbies.  There's never enough room.  So I cannot buy and stash away anymore, not even paint.  So while working on my paper rolled beads and seeing all the beautiful colors, I thought that maybe tearing up the paper and using pieces could be a way to create some art.I decided to start with something I thought I knew and would be easy to shade.  Apples!  Red ones!Here's the beginning.  I drew out the apples and got the background startedon a piece of watercolor paper and drew the apples.  Then went through magazines for the colors I wanted.  I wasn't quite happy with it so decided to work on the apples with my watercolor pencils.  Maybe that would make me like it more.

After a little bit of work, I decided it's worth keeping going.  We'll see what more damage I can do tomorrow.  I'll post another picture of my accomplishment.  Or lack there of!  LOLCheck out my Ebay listings:  Crochet Jewelry  

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