Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nothing Crochet About THis

Here's my latest adventure..........Magazine and ad flyer rolled paper beads!  I love recycling and this helps but there's no way I could ever use the amount of advertising flyers that we receive.  Or magazines!  But I'm giving it a good try. 

 Who would have thought you could make such beautiful beads.  I have been using clear fingernail polish to seal them with but I have to find something not so toxic!  Smells really strong and when you have so many beads to seal, it gets a bit overwhelming.

You see the rolled paper in the bottom left corner.  Those are not beads but will use them some how.  THey're fun to make, too.

Here's another one of my favorite things to do:  albums and/or journals.  This one is one of my favorites:

Love this album.  The cover looks like leather.  Love the way it turned out. 


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