Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Flowers Free Flower Crochet Pattern

Finally, I am back online with a new computer and ready for May flowers! Remember? May is to be our month of flowers whether they're knitted or crocheted patterns. I have my first flower designed and it's FREE to you to give it a try. It takes very little scrap yarn so have fun using up your scrap yarns and creating lots of May flowers.

Chain 4 and slip into first chain to make a loop, chain 1

row 1, 8 sc in loop, slip in top of chain 1

row 2, 2 sc in each of the sc from previous row (no need to turn and nothing has to be exact here) 16 sc

row 3, this row sc in next sc and 2 sc in next sc all the way around alternating till you have approximately 24 stitches

row 4, chain 5 and sc in the next stitch around; approximately 22 loops, slip to join and fasten.

row 5, change colors and join in any sc in row below loops, chain 5 slip in next sc around till you have 15 or 16 chain 5 loops. Make sure, because it is a spiral, that you stay consistantly in a circle. join and fasten yarn.

Now, take one of the yarn colors or even a double stand; one of each, and from the front put hook through one of the sc stitches and draw up the yarn from the back. Pull up about 3 inches of yarn. Continue around and around until you've gone around about three or four times using the same single crochets from that same row over and over. This will tighten up the strands of yarn but also going around continuously it will be automatically attached in the back so they won't pull out. See photos. Now trim the strands to make the fuzzy center.

FREE May Flower: This is the front before trimming.

FREE May flower: This is how the back will look.

Hope this makes sense and you can make lots of flowers with this pattern. If you have any questions, please let me know. But it's such a free form flower pattern, there really is no right or wrong. Have fun and I'll come back with another flower pattern.

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