Monday, April 27, 2009

Lorenz Manifold Crochet Project Update

Lorenz Manifold waiting for shaping. I can't believe I finally finished this project. Well, it's still not completely finished because it needs shaping with a rod and wire. Think I need help doing that or at least finding the rod. There's only something like a total of 21,817 stitches from round one to the end, round 47!

I'll be back with photos of the shaping.


Analog Buttons - Your source for the lowest price on custom 1" buttons said...

hehe look at that thing it makes me dizzy!! Can't wait to see it all wired

Tiff :)

Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat said...

I know, Tiff......I'm waiting for my husband to help. he's got so much yard work now but I'll grab him and get him to help me soon or I'll do it myself. That was a lot of crocheting to not complete it. Thanks for commenting. Kathy

Analog Buttons - Your source for the lowest price on custom 1" buttons said...

Yes that is way too much work to not finish it. I'm one of those that has to finish a project completely before I start a new one.

Mittens is enjoying my messed up ami creatures so at least they are getting used.

Tiff :)

Crochetoholic said...

that makes me nice..

knit and crochet pattern chat said...

thanks for commenting! It does make one dizzy but I'm afraid the manifold may be dead! LOL I just can't figure out how to shape it. The instructions are a bit vague and I've tried a couple different weights of wire. The center rod isn't working either. The whole thing wants to slide down and it won't stay position open. I'm still working on it and will post some photos as I go along. I've spent so much time shaping it too, it's a shame to quit. More later.

knit and crochet pattern chat said...


I'm afraid this manifold may be going to the crochet cematary soon. I can't figure it out and can't seem to find any help. I won't toss it but keep it for a little while and see happens.