Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knit Crochet and Computer Problems !

You haven't heard from me for a few days because I was having computer problems. Big computer problems. Like crashing! LOL I went out last night and bought a new laptop. We will be living aboard our 40' motorhome home in the next few months and I want to be able to sit outside and work on my blog. Knitting and crocheting is priority for me as far as evening hours go while watching TV but I have been lost without my computer during the day. Watch for a new FREE patter coming up in May.

So now, I can post more and have capabilities to show you some photos again.

I want to work on a free pattern for you for May. May flowers! When I had the survey, crochet and knit came in pretty close but I think the free pattern will be crochet. Maybe filet crochet.

Thank you for being patient. I'm back and it feel so good. Don't forget to leave a comment or become a follower. I have two other blogs for you to check out. One has free patterns also called Arts and Crafts dot COM and Full Time RV Travel Fun. I want to share recipes along with storage tips and travel tips.


lilacanglia said...

Its horrible not having a computer,
Glad your back online,

Kathy said...


It really is horrible without a computer. These days you can't live without one! Thanks for the comment.