Monday, June 3, 2013

Color of Summer

Please check out and sign up for the Color of Summer!!

Excerpt taken from her website and I hope you will join us!

"Hellooooo and thank you for the rockin' introduction to our first interactive affair, The Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice! Wether you're new to the event or you've been waiting a year to begin again, I promise that this will be one to remember. So get ready for six weeks of luscious color prompts, weekly linking opportunities, beautiful giveaways, creative inspirations and an amazingly supportive community that You, the Artist, help to produce. 

What's that you say?
That's right. This year, the SOC is taking a decidedly different turn. This year, You will help determine the colors we'll be playing with by voting for your favorites on a weekly basis.

How will that work?
Easy. Each week, you'll have the chance to vote for one of 12 different color combinations by taking a poll at the end of each post. Simply pick your favorite and, in majority rules fashion, the highest rated one wins. Come back the following Monday to see the results and get started. As always, you'll work in your preferred mediums - creating anything your little heart desires - with color being the only stipulation."..............................

I, personally, am joining and can't wait to begin.  Spread the word and come join us!!


Kristin said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for your kind help in spreading the word about the Summer of Color - I'm so happy to have you play along and thanks again for your support! xo

bellefrogworks said...

Sweet painting - I love the birds!