Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Patterns - Filet Crochet

Filet crochet is another one of the things I love to design. These are just a few I'll be posting today that ARE FOR SALE. The patterns are generated by me using a filet crochet program created by Sandcastle Designs, Inc. so if you have any questions, you can contact them for help. 

I am selling them for $1.00 each or the set of 12 for $6.95 plus shipping if shipped.

Pattern Set 44: Baby Gifts and Necessities This set is just for Baby. Matching bibs, blankets, burp towels and lace. They come in sweet little bows, pretty geometric diamonds and lovable hearts. The lace and blankets were designed with repeatable patterns so you can decide how big to make them. Let your imagination run wild. Make pillow trim, curtains, bed linens, shelve trim, pillow covers, throws and table runners. Just repeat and go. By K. Anderson designs.

Diamond Afghan
Matching Diamond Bib
Matching Diamond Lace
Matching Diamond Burp Cloth

Heart Afghan
Matching Heart Lace
Matching Heart Bib

Matching Heart Burb Cloth

Bow Afghan
Matching Bow Lace
Matching Bow Bib
Bunny Afghan

Baby Bib Patterns:
Finished Sizes: Thread size 5: 15.8 inches x 22.8 inches, Thread size 10: 13.1 inches x 18.0 inches, Thread size 20: 12.5 inches x 17.3 inches, Thread size 30: 12.0 inches x 16.6 inches

Baby Lace Patterns:Finished Sizes Thread size 5: 5.5 inches x as long as you desire as it's worked from the end.

Baby Burp Towel Patterns:
Finished Sizes Thread size 5: 12.7 inches x 23.1 inches, Thread size 10: 10.6 inches x 18.2 inches, Thread size 20: 10.1 inches x 17.5 inches, Thread size 30: 9.7 inches x 16.8 inches

Baby Blankets/Afghans:Finished Size depends on yarn type and your personal gauge. Patterns are created for adjustments.

The pattern instructions are given for 7 different types of threads/yarns; from size 5 crochet thread all the way up to worsted weight using an I hook. Very versitile patterns. Cottons are the best for the bibs and burp towels for maximum absorbancy.

Patterns can be printed and mailed to you snailmail or I can attach them to an email. Add $1.50 for printing and regular mail shipping OR it can be shipped priority.  Priority prices will be in effect.

I prefer PayPal payments. PayPal ID: kma2053@gmail.com

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