Thursday, April 1, 2010

Knitting and crochet patterns are delayed!

I am so sorry for not posting patterns as promised. I have done some serious thinking about it and will probably post my patterns for free. That's good news, huh, and worth the wait? I will be posting them on another web site and using a link for you to find them.

As soon as I thought about selling my patterns, it felt too much like a business and that's not necessary and didn't feel right. It doesn't hurt to make a little money even doing something you love but that's not really necessary and this web site where they'll be posted will pay me, even if it's just pennies,will be compensated some.

So soon I will be settled and will be able to do this the right way. As I mentioned before, we live on the road in our motorhome and are on the road right now and for the next several days. When we get settled, I'll be posting.

Thank you for your patience and please come back soon.


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