Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Patterns coming soon!

I know I keep saying that but you must be patient. We're heading down the road everyday now towards home when I can finally settle in to working on my blog again. It's been difficult on the road as we're either extremely busy visiting friends and family OR we have no connectivity.

Soon, it'll all be ok and I'll be back. Hope you haven't given up on me. In fact, I'm making some notes right now today on what to post first and how to make them available to you.

If you like to knit and/or crochet, keep a watchful eye and make sure to become a follower.



Helen West said...

Am waiting for it. Hope you will post some pictures. THanks

Kathy Anderson said...


So glad to have to checking out my blog and patterns. I am on my way home right now and will be posting links to my free patterns soon. When you live on the road in your motorhome, it's really hard for me to get organized to do that. BUT, thanks to you, you're getting me going. Please come back soon. kathy