Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nostepinnes Center Pull Yarn Ball

Look what I found!  A tutorial on winding your yarn with a center pull!!  Now I'm not sure what a nostepinnes is but from the pictures, it looks like you could find something else that would work as well.  

The website is +Curiosities808  and here is the link for the tuturial you see below.  Part of it, as I didn't want to step on any toes.  You need to go to her website to see the tute.

Please leave a comment so she knows you've been there and appreciate her help.

She's an awesome beautiful young lady living in Hawaii.  She loves creating and is very curious about painting, embroidery, crocheting.  She loves wool, knitting and yarn!

See the rest of the tutorial HERE


Sandra Knapp said...

I've seen those at fiber festivals, but never used one myself. I'm sure a clothespin would probably work just as well.

Kathy Anderson said...

Really? I've never seen them before but I knew you would have with your experience. Seems like an awesome thing to know.