Monday, April 8, 2013

Crochet Designer Blog

While you're waiting for my revision on the crochet tea cozy, I will tell you about this website, Crochet Designer Blog.  Called also, a Stitch Story. Day 1.  Very interesting reading and a fun site to visit.

I especially like her idea to......well here is what she had to say about discovering a pretty technique:

"I decided that my special post to kick off National Crochet Month, should be about a new technique I have been experimenting with. Actually my daughter gave me the idea, when she asked if she could use some of my swatches for an art project. She said they weren't the right color, and she needed to paint them to match her color scheme. She used acrylic paint, so when the pieces were dry, they were rigid, but she was pleased with the results. I loved the idea of being able to place color exactly where I want it, after a piece has been crocheted. A neat alternative to changing colors in yarn, and having multiple ends to weave in!"

What a beautiful idea, huh?

Please check out her blog and see her designs.  Her name is Shelby Allaho and a very talented lady.  She has many designs published in magazines and has patterns for sale on her website.

Here's another link to see her work.  Crochet Designer Blog.  I love her style and her work.  I love her cowl patterns, too. 

Please take a look.  She's awesome!


Here's how it looked when she was finished.......I love it and don't know why I didn't think of this.

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