Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wow! What a Nice Surprise!

Nice surprise in that I checked the number of views on this blog and they have done nothing but increase repeatedly!  I'm so pleased.

Maybe I should come back?  Maybe I do have something to share and am interesting enough to people that they are interested in my patterns and my views.

Ok, will do.  But I don't really knit and crochet only so much anymore.  Off and on and had added some really fun and creative outlets for myself.

One is that of bead crochet and making jewelry, another wire jewelry and another is paper crafts.  Not so much scrapbookking per say, but making albums.  It's as fun as buying fabric and yarn!  Love it.

I haven't made a pin cushion for a long time but still have a love for them.  If no one minds, I just might start adding some free patterns for jewelry and paper crafts.

I'll be back with some photos and things to share.

BTW, I also am now a BzzAgent!  Loving that a lot, too.  I receive new products, test them, tweet about them and earn points.  It's lots of fun.

So check in soon.  I'll be back.  If anyone wants to know where I've been, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent a year under treatment.  I am totally fine now with follow-up appointments and mammograms way more often!  But thank our Lord! I'm still here and just as healthy as ever.  I teach Zumba Fitness now as well and loving life to the fullest.  We're fulltimers in our 40 foot motorhome and are in Rockport, TX right now for the winter.

Thanks for all the support.


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