Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Knitting but Fun Stuff

Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them!

These are the quilts I decided to make when I was in the quilting mood. My sister is a wonderful creative quilter and has been encouraging me for years to try it. My first attempt was this borgello quilt! That's me! Try the hardest thing first! This one has no handquilting. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. I'll try another one and change it later.

This quilt is the next one I made. It was a gift to my Mother for her birthday several years ago now. She just loved it. There's photos of us three kids and one of the house she grew up in and one of her and her mother. I always use large pieces and fabric with checks or stripes so I can

follow them easily when doing the hand quilting. There's no need to draw lines. All in all, my quilting experience was fun.

I have two twin size quilts I made using the crazy quilt easy. Not pictured here.

This is my latest quilt. I love birds so I used large blocks of the bird print and handquilted around the leaves and birds. It's framed with a red and black check and so is the back. Another very very easy fabric to handquilt since you can follow the lines!

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